The YOU that clearly expresses your GIFTS and GENIUS.

The YOU that is confident in who you are and what you do.
The YOU that intrinsically knows what is true for you.

The YOU that is telling you it is your time.
The YOU that wants a simple, soulful and sustainable business


You know you have what it takes…you have been successful before but you are no longer willing to compromise your values, vision or health trying to fit in where you don’t belong.

You were made for bigger and better things and you are ready to build a business as a way of ‘being’ in the world.
A world where you are in charge of your own destiny…no more striving, people pleasing or rule following for you.
It’s time to stop painting by someone else’s numbers and create your own masterpiece.

Tina BindonHi I’m Tina Bindon and I help creative coaches, healers and spiritual women start up and grow businesses and brands that fill them up by aligning their purpose, gifts and tribe.  I am a Personal Brand Coach and Strategist and a Spiritual And Energy Mentor and Teacher.

Reconnecting to your inner world is the foundation of a sustainable and thriving life and business.  Your brand and business then become a true reflection of who you are in your highest expression.

I offer over 25 years of teaching and mentoring experience with a liberal dash of consulting so you are in good hands.

I am not your average Branding Coach… there is no one size fits all formuIa here. Only the simple and soulful process of getting back in touch with the Real You. The unique and authentic person you were before the world told you otherwise.

I have a gift for making complicated things simple and doable and a passion for out of the box tools and creative strategies.

My offerings go beyond ‘programs’ and into the realm of ‘personal and spiritual growth’.

I pride myself on the bespoke nature of the work I do with every single client being an individual and having a customised experience.  I specialise in creating pathways of learning and support that match your unique desires and needs.

Do you want to create a business, a way of showing up in the world that pivots and wraps itself around all that you are?

Then let me show you how…


If you are looking to start your online business and are searching for a way to bring your gifts, skills and passions into a clear, simple and soulful blueprint for yourself then Brand Heart is your solution.


Ready to start and build your brand and business in a simple and straight forward way? Looking for way to way to create a business using your gifts, passions and skills with high levels of individual support, surrounded my like minded creative and soulful women?

Then check out Brand Soul – an 8 week transforming experience that will have you going from Where Do I Start? What Do I Do? and Who Do I Do It For? to Becoming Known, Building A Loyal Audience and Selling Your Offers and Products Easily. 


Ready to take your business to a new level of growth? Seeking a true community of like minded and supportive women who will give you feedback, help and accountability and receive yours gratefully too? The Aligned Action Circle is one part business accelerator and one part personal growth which is why it is such a game changing experience. 

Over 12 weeks watch as you step fully into your potential and take yourself and your business to a whole, new level.


You want to move forward in your brand and business simply, quickly and effectively. Let’s cut through the confusion, shorten the time span and reach your goals with high level one on one support and coaching. Find out how we can work together to make that happen!

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