Your brand is not just a ‘thing’ that’s ‘out there’ symbolizing your business like your logo, business cards or website.  It is far more than that. Your brand also includes who you are, what you are gifted and passionate about and why you started this beautiful business of yours in the first place.

In short, your brand is the sum total of who you are and the vehicle to showcase and share your unique genius with the world. Branding is extremely important if you want a successful business but I see so many people making mistakes when it comes to creating their brand.

These brand mistakes will make you feel confused and out of alignment and result in little to no growth for your business. 

I am going to share with you the TOP 5 mistakes people make when it comes to their brand and how to avoid or fix them so your brand stands apart clearly, confidently and an a true expression of YOU.

Your brand is the sum total of who you are and the vehicle to showcase and share your unique genius with the world. Click To Tweet


Mistake #1 No Clear Message Or Purpose

Your message is the driving force behind your brand. Having a clear one that calls out to the right people is a KEY element is having a brand that is both attractive and memorable.

Seth Godin puts it nicely when he says “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”.

If you have no message or a wishy washy one, you will not be able to stand apart and connect with the right people for you and your brand. You will either be invisible to these people or you will confuse them so let’s fix that right now.

Take some time to think about these questions and write down your answers to marinate upon.

1. What do you want your business to do for or provide for you?
2. What do you want your business to do for others?
3. What do you stand for? What do you stand against?
4. What do you want people to FEEL when interacting with your brand.

The answers to these questions will provide you with a clear purpose and message that you can share with the world. Soon you will be gathering the type of people who are like minded and in need of what you have to offer.


Mistake #2 Lack Of Distinct Personality

Let’s face it, there’s only One YOU and I for one LOVE that! How are we to know that though if you don’t allow yourself to bring out all your gorgeous quirks and individuality?

I know I am not alone when I say that we are over the ‘Beige Brigade’ and the ‘6 Figure Fellowship’.  The Beige Brigade is all about being pleasant, worrying about what others’ think, colouring between the lines and staying within safe topics and being ‘acceptable’ to the public.  

Trouble is, for multi-passionates being beige or plain is just not something that suits us.  

It’s like putting on a dress in a colour that washes you out. It may technically fit but just doesn’t suit you – draining all the colour out of you.

The 6 Figure Fellowship is all about the ‘formula’ and the ‘secret’ which if you follow to the letter will enable you to have it all. Again, this approach doesn’t fit everyone (in fact, very few) and assumes that we all want 6 or 7 figures and create empires.

Often times my clients (and myself included) are more focused on being our best, most fulfilled selves and getting paid well for the privilege.

As such we need to showcase who WE are not copy someone else or try to replicate a personality that is not our own.

Here are some ways to get clear on your personality so you can bring it out in all it’s glory in your brand.

1. What do people often compliment you on?
2. What do you add to a situation (work or social) that wasn’t there Before you came?
3. What do you consider to be your strengths?
4. What do your testimonials and feedback from clients/friends reveal about you?

One of my specialties is reconnecting you to who you really are through Energy Types. If you are curious you can take the FREE Entrepreneur Energy Type Quiz HERE.


Mistake #3  No Emotional Resonance

As much as we would like to fool ourselves and think that we are these rational, objective being, truth be told we are motivated by emotions and feelings.  Think about it for a moment, what was the last thing you bought? Why did you buy it? Odds are because you wanted to Feel a certain way.  

Let’s take another example. Most people (unless you are one of those saddistic freaks who genuinely LOVE exercising) don’t like exercising for the sake of it but they LOVE the feelings that come with it after the event. Like feeling fit, clear, sexy, confident and energised.

The same is true when you are wanting a brand that attracts your ideal audience and then takes them from knowing you, to liking and trusting you and then purchasing from you.

Each of these steps is because they FEEL something when interacting with your brand and NOT because they THINK something about it. What emotions are you wanting your people to experience when they interact with you and your business?

1. What do you want them to feel while they are getting to know your brand?
2. What do you want them to feel as a result of the work and solutions you offer?

People buy with their emotions and not their intellect so knowing how they want to FEEL is essential in your brand process Click To Tweet


Mistake #4  Being Inconsistent

This is one of the most painful of the 5 mistakes to make. Why? Because you are putting in effort to create something great but then run out of steam to continue. In other words some effort for no reward and who wants that?!

Not only does inconsistent effort result in little to no return it also confuses the hell out of people who liked what you did do but then can’t find you or your content after that. Being inconsistent conveys the message that you haven’t figured your business out yet and that leads to doubt on the part of your audience.

Consistency in terms of creating new, valuable content to share, your branding visuals and how you deliver your message and work are vital to having a growing and successful business.

Now before you have visions of yourself chained to your computer withering away as you slave to be consistent throughout your brand, let me tell you it is not as hard as you imagine.

Here are my top tips to become consistent in your brand and business.

1. Go through the previous mistakes (and how to fix them) that I have mentioned.

2. Start small and simple. Choose one or two areas to be consistent in and develop a system around them. For example you may choose blogging and Facebook as two channels you would like to be consistent in. Get clear on the topics you are going to create around and share here and then develop a simple system to stick to.

Once this system is working for you then you can look at adding in another channel if that is desirable and realistic for you.

3. Check your consistency by asking your audience if they know who you are and what you do (aka your brand).  You can ask for comments or questions from your audience on your blog, via email to your list, in facebook groups, from clients and so on.

If you are getting good feedback on how aware people are of you and what you are creating then you are doing a stellar job of being consistent.  If not, then go back to step 1 above and begin again (this is another reason we start small so that you can tweak and pivot easily).


Mistake #5  Not Being Relevant Or Valuable To Your Ideal Audience

Creating content (even consistently) is not enough if what you are creating isn’t valuable and relevant to your ideal audience.  By valuable I mean something that solves something for them that they can’t just google themselves and find instantly. Something that not only helps them with the what and why but the HOW as well.

Value is also in the WAY you help your people. We each have our own sweet spot and voice so perhaps you help in a fun and inspiring way, a thorough way, a cheeky way, a quick way, a bold way or a combo of these.

Being relevant is also an essential if you want to develop a rapport and relationship with your audience.  Knowing what is important to them Right Now shows that you understand their situation and can help them move forward.

You may know a lot of great stuff and can teach it well but if it is not relevant to what your audience is thinking and experiencing then it is of little to no use to them.

Here are some questions to help you zero in on what content (including products and services) will be valuable and relevant to your ideal audience.

1. What is your audience currently experiencing (mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically) that they are having trouble with?

You can find this out by thinking back to your own journey before you got to where you are now, asking past and current clients, surveying your email list or asking in Facebook Groups where your ideal audience is hanging out.

2. What can you share with them that will give them a win (content) or solve their problem (products and services)?

3. Write down content ideas that can solve a mini step or micro step.

4. Write down ideas for your products and services focusing in on what problem/s specifically they will solve and the results your audience can achieve during and after.

Avoiding these mistakes will put you well ahead of the game and ensure that you will have a brand that aligns to who you are and stands apart for all the right reasons. If you want to take your brand and business to a new level of clarity and consistency for FREE then come and join us in the ‘Soulful Brand 5 Day Challenge’ which begins Monday 26th February 2018 and goes until Friday 2nd March 2018.

During the challenge I will walk you step by step through each important element of your brand in a simple and actionable way and by the end of the 5 days you will have your entire brand completely mapped out!

To join us in the FREE challenge just click HERE.

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