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If you are reading this then I am assuming you are in business for yourself or trying to create your business. I am also guessing you are feeling tired, overwhelmed and just plain over this ‘being in business’ thing. Let me just say that I totally get where you’re coming from and that feeling this way doesn’t mean you are a loser, unlucky or not capable of having a business you love and that is profitable.

So what does it mean then when the clearest decision in your mind currently is to definitely pull the covers back over your head and not deal with things? Well, it means you’re human and that you have had enough… for the time being.

Having a bad day is normal but it is how you deal with your thoughts and feelings that determines how long that bad day will last and the impact it will have. Click To Tweet

You see, it’s part of the human experience to not be happy ALL the time and it is most definitely part of the entrepreneurial journey to ride the roller coaster of the highest highs to some of the lowest lows.  

Knowing and accepting this is the first step to minimizing the impact of the more challenging experiences we go through.

How does acceptance help to get us back on track? When we accept something we no longer resist it so we are putting wasted energy into holding something at bay and trying to change it. Once our resistance to something dissolves we can then put the energy we were wasting into creating what we do want.

The second step is to process out your overwhelm and heavy emotions. A Morning Ritual is something I do to keep my grounded and feeling as best as possible on any given day. This doesn’t mean I am constantly happy and floating on a cloud but it does mean I am in the best possible mental, physical and emotion space each day.

A Morning Ritual is individual and personal but I want to share mine with you so you have an idea if you haven’t yet created one for yourself.  I set aside 1  hour – 1 1/2 hours a day from 5.30 am – 6.30 am because I am an early bird but work out when, where and what suits you.

I start with a glass of lemon water to wake up my metabolism and get all my internal systems firing.
Then onto my yoga mat for 30 -45 minutes of practice. 
Then 15-20 minutes of meditation.
Then 15-20 minutes of Morning Pages (which is conscious streaming of my thoughts so I can process them out and also find patterns over time)

Your ritual is unique to you and can be anything from 15 minutes plus.  I do recommend however a combo of reflection (journaling or meditation) and movement (exercise, yoga) as this get all the systems working and in sync.

Prioritizing how you FEEL first thing each morning will have a profound impact on how you live and work. Click To Tweet

The third step to getting back to a place of more grounding and less emotional, mental and physical discomfort is to stop or minimize comparison to other people. Comparison is the thief of joy (Theodore Roosevelt) and robs us of being in control of how we feel about ourselves.

When we compare only two things can happen. Either we believe we are somehow ‘better’ than the person we compare to and thus feel fleetingly ‘satisfied’ or we believe ourselves ‘worse’ and then feel bad about ourselves. In either case (and by the way it is usually the latter) how we feel about ourselves is determined by a source outside of us so we are constantly at the mercy of the external world.

You can stop or minimize comparison by:

#1 Writing down your monthly goals, desires and intentions and breaking them down to small steps you can focus on doing each day. Then stay in your lane and tend to your own garden.

#2 Cut down on your exposure to Social Media, frienemies or any avenue that you know if your personal trigger for self doubt and comparison. Think of it as self care to put in more positive thoughts and energy rather than doubtful, draining experiences.

The final step you can take to get out of the CBF’D zone (Can’t Be F**ked) is to get support from people who are like minded and share your dreams and values.  Let me be clear here, you do not and I repeat DO NOT want to share your goals, vulnerabilities and beliefs with just anyone.

Even well meaning family and friends, if not on the same page as you can look at you like you have two heads and give you ‘advice’ that can make you doubt yourself, feel small and well, like shit.  Most times these people honestly want the best for us and so think they are doing ‘the right thing’, yet it is usually their own fears, concerns and judgement that comes through.

The moral of the story is choose your peeps carefully. Find people who are on a similar journey to you, that understand that you have chosen a different road and applaud you for that. People who are holding similar visions and dreams and are walking along side you and have advice, support and constructive feedback for you.  

If you are wanting a supportive community who gets you and the whole crazy, freedom loving and meaningful way you want to live your life and business come on over the The Soulful Entrepreneur and we will be waiting to embrace a kindred spirit.

If you are in this business game (especially online) then I salute you.  It is not an easy path to lay down one that is unique to you and supports who you are and how you like to Be in this world.

If the vision is in your heart and the fire is in your belly then don’t give up but put YOU at the centre of this brief and glorious life.The whole purpose is to be happy, to share the love and to step into our highest expression and without first doing this to ourselves we can’t offer this out to anyone else.

I hope this post has helped you practically as well as emotionally. You are not alone in this journey and you are doing the best you can. Stay true to You. x

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