Hi lovely, I’m Tina Bindon and I am so glad

you have found your way here.

I work with female coaches, creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs who:

*want to find their genius and explain this clearly to others.

*are looking to package their genius into a beautiful and consistent brand.

*want to build a lifestyle business in a step by step process while being supported and held accountable to their dreams.



Know you have a purpose and want to make an impact but are not sure how to start or reach this place?

Wanting to create a brand that fills you with confidence in who you are and what you do and expresses this clearly to the world?

Looking for a process that fits your personality and allows you freedom but also keeps you on your path to achieving your goals?

Want a simple, soulful and sustainable process that will get you up and running quickly and effectively?

Then you’re in the right place! Welcome. Let me just say that I hear you and I see you because not that long ago I was where you are Now.

When I left my 21 year career as a teacher and educational consultant it was due to being drained and burned out. You see, I am a passionate person who believes I have an important purpose in the world.

I like to do an exceptional job, not just an average, so so one. I care deeply, take pride in my work, strive to do my best…you get the picture. I also was prone to ticking off all the boxes, following the rules, pushing myself too hard and feeling like I had to prove myself in order to be ‘a success’, whatever that really means.

I accrued all the outward signs of success. A fancy house, promotions, nice cars, holidays etc but none of it made me happy for long.

The trouble was, while I was working hard and proving myself other areas of my life began to suffer. Time to relax or nurture myself was non existent, I found I wasn’t spending the time and wanted or needed with my husband and children.

I was pre-occupied, stressed and constantly chasing my to do list and well, not that happy or fun to be around.

I got chronic fatigue and migraines that slowed me down but didn’t stop me as I wasn’t ready yet to acknowledge that things had to change and that I was not living, but merely existing.

It was not until my beloved Mother died that everything came into sharp focus for me and I realised that existing and constantly driving myself was not what I wanted and that I was missing out on what really mattered to me.

So I left my career to take some time to grieve and discover who I was underneath all the striving and outward signs of success and recognition.

I knew I had passion, smarts, skills and talents but I had spent so long listening to the voice of others telling me who I was and what to do that I was confused as to how to put all that I was into words, let alone a business.

To be honest I was scared too. I had never just been ‘me’ or made my own rules and I wondered if I could really make a life and a living from being fully me and charting my own course.

Well, you know the happy ending because you are here in the very heart of my business. It took me nearly 3 years to find my true self, what I wanted to say and share and to create a business that connected me to people that I adore working with. 

Along the way I discovered what mattered, what worked and what didn’t, how to express my full self and how to show up and make an impact and get paid well for…well being me.

This is what I do now, help purpose driven, passionate and heart centred women to live on their own terms, show up as themselves and to create a brand and business that nourishes and supports them.

I help them to do this in a simple, straight forward and proven way so they DON’T need to take years before they are making a difference and making money.



Tina Bindon is a Personal Brand Coach and Strategist specialising in simple, soulful and effective brand and business startup and growth. With over 25 years experience as an educator, consultant and coach, she creates individual learning pathways to get people from where they are now to be where they want to be in their brand and business.

She works with creative coaches, healers and spiritual women in the start up phase who want to create a thriving, sustainable, online business while making an impact and changing the status-quo. These women are struggling to find their specific direction and voice, stand out and connect with their clients and create their business model and systems in a way that honours their values, health and well being.

By using a blend of energy and archetyping combined with brand and business strategy and systems she supports her clients to bring clarity, authenticity and focus to their business, become visible and compelling to their clients and create their unique system of success, sustainability and satisfaction.

She is the creator of Brand Soul an 8 week high support branding and business foundation program, the founder and facilitator of the Aligned Action Circle a 12 week personal and business growth Mastermind and the host of The Soulful Entrepreneur a creative community of spiritual entrepreneurs.

She firmly believes that having your own successful business is the greatest way to find fulfillment, freedom and experience personal growth and loves nothing better than to support her tribe of creative and spiritual women to start and grow themselves and their businesses.


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