If you are reading this then I am taking an educated guess that you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your business right now. I have been there so I know the self doubt that floods in and the questions about whether to keep going start playing on repeat.

The great news is that you can do something that can change things right now… yes right now (or at least after you have read this). In this post I am sharing 3 proven ways to move past your current blocks so you can get clarity about your current situation and your next action steps that will take you to where you need to go.

Feeling Stuck In Your Business

Before I share with you my Top 3 Things to get you unstuck I want to do a simple unpack about why we get stuck in the first place.  When you are aware of what got you there you can then make different decisions in order to avoid going there again.

The basic and fundamental truth of why we get stuck in our business or in any area of our life really comes down to 3 areas.

1. Clarity Around What You Want.  

If you are not clear and specific about your dreams, desires and goals you have no concrete destination to head towards.

It’s like wanting to travel to a new and exotic location but not knowing which one you want to visit first. If you can’t decide you become trapped in a loop of possibilities and can’t take a forward step because you are unsure whether it’s the right one or not.

Yes, the journey is just as important as the destination or goal but you won’t even be able to start off your journey if you aren’t clear about your direction.

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2. Alignment To Why You Want It.

It’s all well and good to have clear goals and desires but this will only get you moving in the right direction. In order to have the momentum and persistence to keep going, enjoy the journey and reach your destination you need the inner fuel. This inner fuel is your WHY.

Why do you want this thing or experience? What values and needs is this goal fulfilling for you? How will this dream, event or milestone make you feel? Why is this important in the whole scheme of your life?

When you know these answers you have the fuel that will sustain you and keep you moving towards your intentions and goals.

3. How To Take Your Steps Toward It.

If you are clear about what you want and why you actually want it then the final step is to break it down into steps that you will Actually take.

It’s not just about buying a pretty diary and decorating it with glitter pens and washi tape and writing in a bunch of items on your first few pages. Let’s be honest here, who hasn’t been excited by the prospect of a new year or month and spent way too much money and time on gorgeous planners and diaries only to run out of steam and abandon it after a short time.

This is because we either haven’t done the first two steps or we aren’t being realistic about our time,  our energy and our resources when making our plans and to dos. It is just as important as any of the other steps to be aware and honest about the time you have available, the resources you need and also how you work best.

Without understanding this you are setting yourself to fail and then feel lousy about yourself and who wants to experience that?!

So that in a nutshell is why we become stuck in our business and life.  Now let’s turn our attention to what we can actually do about moving past our blocks.

Here are 3 proven and effective ways to get unstuck.

1. Tap Into Your Why BEFORE Your What.

Think about Why we do what we do for a moment. We act the way we do because we want to Feel and Experience something. In each moment of our lives we are either moving toward love and pleasure or away from pain and discomfort.

So start with how you want to feel in your life generally and on a day to day and moment by moment basis. What do you value? What are desired feelings and state you want to experience?

Here’s an example for you. If you value leadership, impact and results and want to feel confident, motivated and strong then you will choose actions and goals that align with this.

If you value relationships, peace and community and want to feel love, connection and service then your goals and actions will line up with this.

What is important here is to be clear about your Why and align your actions to it. Neither example is right or wrong, just a representation of what we value and how we want to feel.

2 Don’t Create In A Vacuum.

No person is an island. We are all connected on some level whether we are aware of this or not. What we do influences others and visa versa.

When you have tapped into your Why, it is time to create our actions in line with those. One of my values is freedom and so when I have an income goal that I want I understand that it is not the $10 000 a month that matters to me but what that $10 000 a month will mean in terms of freedom –

$10 000 a month means freedom to travel, freedom to support my children with University fees and saving for their first house.  A $20 000 a month income goal is so that I can retire my husband from his demanding job.

Then I set about making a plan to create this income goal. It is then that I need to check outside of myself as to whether my goals and steps are realistic and doable for me. Often times we are too close to our desires to see them clearly or have habits or blind spots that can sabotage us and trip us up.

So asking some trusted people in your life to give their feedback is important as they can give you some input and perspective. Doing some homework and research about whether what you intend to do, create or work towards is also viable is essential.

Knowing that there is a need for what you are offering as well as being realistic about the time, energy and resources you will need will make a big difference to your ability to achieve your goals and intentions.

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3 Get Help And Support On A Continuing Basis

Anything worthwhile in our lives comes through some effort and persistence. Whether that is building a house, having a baby, getting married or writing a book we don’t and can’t do it alone. The same principle applies to your business.

While you can do certain things solo, in order to really achieve the dreams and goals you hold for your business you need to have support. Trying to do everything yourself will keep you stuck, feel lonely and isolating and lead to burnout.

When you get support you not only grow exponentially but you also get ongoing clarity, momentum, accountability and results. There are a variety of ways to get help and support from regular business bestie meet ups, a program or the most effective strategies of a Mastermind or private coaching.

Each type fulfills different needs but if you are looking for real individual support and growth then coaching and masterminds are for you. Masterminds also have a high community component if that is important to you.

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So, if you are feeling stuck know that it’s okay  and that it happens to everyone from time to time but know you don’t have to remain stuck.  The difference between those that move past these obstacles and those that don’t is that they didn’t try to do it all themselves and got the help they needed.

If you don’t make a change and a choice you will keep yourself in this perpetual loop of going around in circles. So try my tips and see what a difference they make.

Also do yourself a favour by checking out my Soul and Strategy Mastermind the Aligned Action Circle and see what you think. I would love to support you to step into your highest potential and find the community and connection to fuel your dreams.


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