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Energy types are a fascinating and natural way to develop your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual potential. What makes Energy typing unique is that it is not about changing who you are or labeling yourself but rather being fully aware of who you naturally are and coming back into alignment with that. 

In this post I will share with you what Energy types are and how they are relevant to you as a person and how you live so you can create the life you desire and step into your highest self.


What Are Energy Types?

The Energy types stem back to at least the 5th Century BC in Greece and similarities are seen in the Chinese and Indian interpretations. Studying the elements and their energetic patterns has a rich history and recur again and again throughout cultures and nationalities.

In fact, the four elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth are the ancestors of modern psychology. These concepts in themselves have been studied and discussed for thousands of years and kept alive by the works of such notables as Caroline Myss, Anodea Judith, Deepak Chopra and more.

Many personality tests have direct similarities to the four elements, the two most notable being Carl Jung, who likely based his four basic archetypes thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition upon the elements and the MyersBriggs test that added to Jung’s system by the inclusion of introversion and extroversion tendencies.

Our planet and in fact the entire Universe is made out of a combination of four basic elements. The diversity that we see in the environments, plants, animals and ourselves is simply the proportion and balance of these elements.

Spiritually (in the language of the soul) everything comes from the One Source blended through these elements and as such unites each and every one of us and connects all things. Each of us are born into this life with a specific blend of energy.

Each of us have a unique blend of energy which when aligned to allows us to live in our highest expression. Click To Tweet

Everything in the universe, world and within ourselves is made up of the same basic components. These 4 components
are nitrogen (Air), oxygen (Water), hydrogen (Fire) and carbon (Earth). Everything we see in the physical plane has these elements including ourselves.

Your natural energy is what you are born with and this way of expressing and receiving energy will never change as it is part of your heart and soul, the ‘internal’ spirit if you will.

Personality is different to your energy. Personality is formed and shaped by your parents, upbringing with your siblings and other family, events and other ‘outside’ influences. So think of your energy as the foundations of your house and your personality pattern (or archetype) to be like the furnishings which give your home it’s unique flair and flavour.

Each individual has a unique blend of all four of these elements within them but one is definitely dominant. This dominant element is where our highest expression comes from and a happy life is far easier to achieve when we know our strengths and gifts and live through them.

Similarly, unhappiness and stress come about when we live out of alignment with our true nature, being unaware of how we are not honouring ourselves and even overlooking what makes us special. Each element has it’s own way of receiving and expressing information and energy, it’s own strengths and it’s own challenges.

There is no one type of energy or blend of energy that is better than the other or that is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is more about how close or far we are in relation to our natural state.

Your personality is born out of your energy type and will show dominant patterns also. Once again you will have a variety of personality traits from all four elements but will be dominant in one pattern or archetype.

In order to live in our highest expression and potential we need to use our strengths, understand our challenges and use all parts of us to bring the wholeness of ourselves to our life and work.

Why Are Energy Types Important?

Energy types therefore are a bridge that gives us direct access to who we naturally are before the world told us ‘who to be’. They allow us to reconnect to our most fulfilled and powerful state much of which is buried underneath the limiting thoughts and false stories that we believe.

The Energy types system is about bringing wholeness to who we are so that we can minimize struggling and start to thrive. If you are not aware of who you are and what you want to create then then is no way for you to do this. Ignoring or going against our natural gifts and strengths leads to a lack of energy, passion and focus and often times then depression or anxiety.

This system of being allows us to expand into our highest expression rather than limiting us to acronyms which decide for us what we are good at. This is because Energy types not only shine a light on what we are good at but also on what we have been ignoring so we can make conscious choices about how we have been holding ourselves back.

Energy types allow you to expand into your highest self rather than being squeezed into a label or acronym. Click To Tweet

It is the comprehensive process of looking at mind, heart and soul that makes this so potent and profound and yet, just as importantly natural and simple. As with most things in life, the simple things are often the best. If you are curious as to what your Dominant Energy type is and what this means for you and your life and business you can take my FREE Entrepreneur Energy Type Quiz HERE.

This is a simple but revealing quiz and after completing it you can download a beautiful overview of your dominant energy type so you can get valuable insights into yourself and start living closer to your highest self.

Enjoy and let me know how you go in the comments below the quiz. I have had so much positive feedback as to how accurate the quiz was and how people are using the insights from the overview to help them step into their potential.




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