I have a guilty secret that I am going to share with you. Don’t judge me (too harshly).

You see I was once addicted to….

Blog post ideas templates.

Yep, I was one of those addicts that would feel the thrill of imaging an ever giving font of inspiration for my blogs so that would never have to struggle with my blog again!

Like any addict I had to have each new one that came out. The ‘75 Irresistible Blog Ideas’ or the ‘200+ Ultimate Blog Post Titles’.

I felt the rush each time I downloaded them imagining going to my happy place with all my blog worries gone. I also felt the come down after I realised that all these templates didn’t help me in the end because I wasn’t clear on what specific content was best for MY business.

I also needed to be clear about the purpose of creating my content in the first place. I was looking outside myself for some guru to magically tell me the secret which is why I was always stuck.

You see those templates will only help when I have my own source of content, specific to my business that I can tweak or add to with the templates.

Content that is specific to what you are passionate about and know a lot about is the place to begin. Then we marry this to the exact desires and frustrations of your ideal audience.

BEST CONTENT = Your Passions, skills and knowledge + your ideal audience pains and desires. Click To Tweet
Luckily I didn’t give up and found a great way to generate the best content for my business and I have never looked back.

That’s why, in this post I am going to give you a system that will rock your world and allow you to create an endless well spring of specific content for your business … you’re welcome.

 Discover the best content for your business


The #1 Best Content System

Content Buckets

The Content Buckets system is just what it says – buckets or containers that help you generate ideas for your content.

 Your content buckets should be aligned to the purpose of your blog or business and ideally be your blog categories.

I recommend 4 – 6 buckets because less than 4 means you may not have enough content or variety to work with and more than 6 tends to spread you too thin and confuse your audience.

Don’t worry though, if you are creative like me and don’t like being bored or saying the same thing over and over again, you will have your variety itch scratched using the sub topics you will tease out of each bucket.


Each of your content buckets will have your main topic or area on it.  Again these are ideally your blog categories.


Then under each bucket is a sub category.  These are more specific areas within the main category.


These are the specific topics, frustrations and goals within each sub-category.

Let me give you an example.

If you are a health coach for women who who are pregnant or have just had a baby then your buckets may look like this.

*Note: I am a personal brand coach and strategist NOT a health coach so please don’t mock, judge or laugh at my attempt to give you a clear example…you’ll hurt my feelings… lol *

Within each of the sub-categories are a variety of topics that you could then flesh out.

Take for example the category of Nutrition and then the sub-category of During Pregnancy.  Within During pregnancy you could then split into topics such as –

-the first trimester

-the second trimester

-the third trimester

-healthy breakfasts

-delicious lunches

-eating out healthily

Within each category, sub category and topics we also focus on the questions, frustrations and desires of our ideal audience and address these with high value content that moves them further towards their goals and gets the results!

So the blend of your passions, gifts and expertise, combined with the pain points and goals of your audience gives you the best content for your business.

You can see how powerful this system really is!

Not only do content buckets give you a huge supply of content to draw from but the added benefits include:

*becoming known for your expertise in these areas.

*being able to share what you are passionate about.

*being consistent because you know exactly what to create instead of banging your head against the keyboard.

*attracting, nurturing and engaging the right people and growing your brand and business.

Once I discovered this way of creating content things began to shift in a big way for me and that is what I want for  you too.

To help out and make it super simple for you I have created a fillable Content Bucket Template for you to use so you can get started straight away.

Download your own copy of the Content Bucket Template below! Let me know how you go and if you have any other questions.



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