Without a brand message that is clear, true to you and compelling you will struggle in your business. This is because your message is one of the cornerstones of your brand and provides that solid base to your business. In this post I explain how to create a strong and consistent message so you grow your brand and business.

Brand Message 101

Your message is the beacon that attracts your clients and allows them to get to know and like you.
Done well, your message also attracts the RIGHT TYPE of clients that you love to work with as opposed to anyone with a wallet; good fit or not.

With a great message you easily showcase who you are and what you stand for. This has the knock on effect of drawing in the right people and setting the tone for how clients Feel when experiencing your brand. Make no mistake, people purchase with their emotions and not their brains.

You become known for your expertise and authority and that is when people trust you and believe you can help them. Your message also communicates what your unique value is and how you are different to all the others who do similar work to you.

So you can see how important it is to have your message crafted and clear.

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There are 3 main parts of a great message:

1 Your Values 

Values are the drivers of your brand and shape the direction of your business and much of your daily decision making too. If you are a coach, creative or solopreneur then your values that you hold as ideals in your life will be the same or similar to those of your business.

Let me make this clear by giving you a quick example. Brand Number 1 is a Nurturer Brand. This business owner is a life coach and also reiki practitioner. Her values are healing, connection, community, self love and trust.

She offers 1:1 services so she can support, heal and hand hold your clients and writes blogs about self healing, reiki, journaling and self care rituals. She loves to hold live workshops and community based events and is part of several facebook groups.

Brand Number 2 is a Leader Brand. This business owner is also a life coach but is a personal trainer as well. Her values are leadership, transformation, confidence, honesty and motivation.

She offers group programs so she can make more of an impact on more people than individual sessions, she has developed a range of home study courses and has written 2 books. She loves to speak from the stage to motivate people and has her own facebook groups and meet up events.

Can you see how the values of these two women, even though they share similar work are vastly different and drive their business in specific directions? Phew…I am glad you are getting this.

So think about what 5-7 values you hold for your brand.

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2 Your Story

The story of you within your Brand is another foundational piece to get right if you want your brand and business to flourish. Your story is a potent connection point to your ideal clients and colleagues and allows these people to establish rapport with you.

Done well, your story enables your ideal clients to see themselves through your journey and forms an interest towards you. There is a myth that your story has to be epic and dramatic but that is not the case at all.

Not everyone has a rags to riches story or a breakdown to breakthrough one either. There is no need to feel your story is ‘not good enough’ or ‘lacks excitement’. Our stories are powerful and unique because they are Ours.

There are many people out there who will relate to your story no matter what that story is. If you don’t share and own your story then these people are missing out on your inspiration and great work.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most people can’t relate to the stories of the Big Players who share that they had $6 in the bank and were $200 000 in debt and then turned it all around.

The reason people follow some of these big guns is not their story but the hope and promise of making the kind of money they do and this rarely happens.

Your ideal clients want to here Your story and in a way that invites them into the conversation by sharing what will add value and inspiration to them. Your story is authentic to you and valuable to others – embrace it, own it and share it.

Does your story connect to your ideal clients and community by showcasing the journey they are currently on and how you managed and solved that journey?

3 Your Unique Value

You many have heard this called your Unique Value Proposition or Point of Differentiation. In simple terms these mean ‘How are you different from others in your field?’

This is a really important aspect to highlight in your brand and positions you where you want to be. Without knowing how you are different and being able to clearly and concisely communicate this you will blend in and be invisible to your ideal clients.

Finding your unique difference does not mean you have to manufacture something totally original or attention grabbing. It also doesn’t mean doing something sensational or eye catching for the sake of it.

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Your unique value is found in Why you do what you do and How you do it. You already possess your unique value but may not know it. Part of my unique value is that I make typically complex and drawn out concepts and processes much quicker and simpler than most other Personal Brand Coaches and Strategists. I have a gift in making things simple because sustainability and ease are values of my brand and life.

Another aspect that sets me apart is that I teach women to brand themselves rather than handing over their brand to someone else. This knowledge strengthens them and makes them feel confident and aligned with who they are and they know how to evolve their brand as they grow and change.

I don’t brand people – I teach them to brand themselves because leadership and personal growth are also values of my brand.

What aspects of why you do what you do and How you do it combine to make your unique value?

If you keep these aspects of your message in focus and go through the questions you will have a clear and strong brand message to share and will attract the right type of people to your business.

Let me know if you found this post helpful by commenting below and feel free to ask me any questions about your messaging.

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