Confused about how to turn your skills, gifts and passions into an actual business?

Want a creative, soulful and holistic way of designing your business?


This was a total game changer for me. I felt so relieved that I could finally get some direction and clarity around how to bring everything I loved to do and was good at into a plan and model that made me feel confident and excited. Everything was clearly laid out step by step in the Masterclass and workbook and it all made so much sense!

I was fist pumping by the end of it! I continued to have a bunch of AHA moments over the next few days about what I wanted to be doing and the steps I could take to make sure that my business fits me and my personality. I now know who I want to help and exactly how I can do that! 

Nicole Liloia

Stress Less Coach,

Is This You?


You have a ton of ideas about what you Could Do but end up confusing yourself and doing nothing.


You change your mind and direction frequently and second guess yourself.


You want a business that Feels authentic to Who You Are.


You want a clear focus and direction so you can create your business in alignment with what you value.


You want to express who you are and what you do clearly to others.

If this is you then you are in the right place.

By the end of the Masterclass and workbook you will:


Know your unique Energy Type blend (your Dominant, Secondary, Supporting and Shadow energy) so you can bring your natural gifts and passions into your business.


Decide what skills and knowledge to use in your business so you become known for your expertise.


Understand specifically who your ideal audience is.


Zero in on the problems you are uniquely positioned to solve for your ideal audience.


Create and complete your unique Holistic Business Blueprint so you have a clearly laid out business model to follow.

Brand Heart was absolutely amazing and helped me to see myself clearly for the first time in my life! There were so many new insights as well as confirmations but what helped me the most was knowing how to use my unique energy and genius to create a business.

I know how to show up as me, be confident in my gifts and express who I am and what I do to others. I now feel excited about moving forward and building my brand and business. Onwards and upwards!

Janomie Pentreath

Intuitive Guide And Mentor,


Knowing with certainty and excitement where you are focusing your intention and attention each day.

The energy you will feel in your business by including what you are passionate about.

Your confidence knowing what problems you solve and who needs and values this.

Feeling in total alignment and truth with your business.

Brand Heart gave me such clarity about who I am and what direction my brand should take!

Water energy is so me. It was a definite confirmation that that is how people see and think of me and I know that to be true by my testimonials. Professionally it will allow me to receive abundance and compliments without embarrassment. I now know what my greatest strengths and gifts are so I can bring these out in my business and create a brand that is true to me!

Julia Van Der Sluys

Aria-Bella Rises

Master Class plus 22 page Workbook


Put an end to your confusion and self doubt.

Embrace your unique energy and personality and create a clear blueprint for your business.

Here’s how the magic unfolds:

After checking out by using the button below you will be automatically redirected to a Thank You Page.

On this page you will find the Brand Heart – Find Your Genius Masterclass Video and workbook.

The Masterclass will walk you step by step through exactly how to find your unique Energy Type blend and what this means for you as a person and a business owner. 

You get instant access to 4 Energy Types Guides which are beautifully designed and comprehensive ebooks detailing exactly what each Energy Type (Air, Water, Earth and Fire) mean for you and how they can bring more freedom, meaning and happiness to your life and business.

The rest of the Masterclass and workbook will then guide you into creating your brand and business model around 4 KEY areas.

*Your gifts, passion and purpose.
*Your skills and knowledge.
*The problems you solve for your Ideal audience.
*Who your ideal audience is.

By the end of the Masterclass and workbook you will have a specific and individual business model totally customised to you as well as an action plan for your next steps.

Simple and beautiful right?  Make no mistake…this experience is a game changer.

Click on the button to get started.

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