Are you wanting to attract more people to your brand? Not just more of anyone but more of your ideal audience? Then you’re in the right place because I will show you exactly how to do this through your content.

But wait… I hear you saying ‘Oh I never know what to write!’ and ‘How do I know that what I am creating is what people want?’.

Yep, I hear that and let me say that I was once in there too in that no man’s land at odds with the blinking cursor and the ticking of the clock.

In this post I am sharing the 5 Key areas you need so you can attract a steady flow of ideal people to your brand and become known as a Content Boss.

How to attract the right audience using content


The 5 Key Areas: 

*Be aware  (of your audience’s desires and frustrations.
*Be relevant and (join in the conversation)
*Be Specific (one problem one solution)
*Be Valuable and helpful.

*Be Consistent.

#1 Be Aware – what are their pains and desires?

This area is number 1 for a reason. If you don’t know who your ideal audience is and what they want and need then you are creating in the dark.

Here’s how to get really clear about what your audience wants and needs in terms of content.

– Ask them! Yep simple but powerful.  If you have worked in some capacity with your audience already then asking them is your best option. You can do this in person, virtually, via surveys, in Facebook groups, via email.

Even if you haven’t officially worked with anyone yet you can still get a lot of information from Facebook groups by using the Search bar on the left of the group and typing in “help”, “question”, or your keywords such as “weight loss”, “branding”, “website” etc.

-also you can use this nifty tool called Answer The Public which gives you an outline of all the questions people are using around your topic.

Here is an example when I type in blog content

Below you can see the visual mind map of the questions and they also have a data version which puts the questions under neat categories… you’re welcome.

Blog Content Search Ask the public

#2 Be Relevant

The key to attracting ideal people to your brand is to join in the conversation they are already having in their mind and with each other rather than cutting in with your own agenda.

Listening to their wants and needs allows you to meet them where they are and support them to reach their next milestone.

You can have the best, most comprehensive content in the world but if it doesn’t serve their current needs and the stage they are in then it will be of no use.

Try to think through the lens of ‘How can I add value to my audience?’ rather than ‘What do I want to share?’.

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#3 Be Specific – one problem, one solution

Each piece of content that you create should have a goal and a result. Is it to encourage people to opt in to something? To be seen as an expert in your field?

It should also address one main frustration or pain point and offer a solution to it. When you are really specific (preferably using the exact search terms and language of your ideal client) then when people read that content, watch that video or opt in to that checklist you KNOW they are wanting help with this topic.

This way you’re not throwing spaghetti or silly putty against the wall and hoping it sticks – you actually know.

The other benefit is that the people you attract will have that problem solved for them and begin to look forward to your content. This is the beginning of the know, like and trust relationship you want to develop.

#4 Be Valuable and Helpful.

When was the last time someone really helped you out? You can think of them straight away can’t you? There are 2 reasons for this:

1. They solved something for you and provided real help and value and

2. This type of help is quite rare these days so they spring to mind quickly.

You want to be this person for your ideal audience. By focusing on the previous 3 Key areas you will be right on track to become their ‘go to’ person in your field.

Before I move on to the final area, I want to define what valuable really means. According to the Oxford Dictionary valuable means ‘extremely useful or important’.

Note the word extremely. Extreme means going beyond the normal or average. Put simply you need to provide something that surpasses the run of the mill, less than stellar content that is the norm.

Here is my top tip for giving value to your ideal audience. When addressing a problem for them, solve it completely and then give them a little extra.

It might be their next step so they are clear on what to do next. It might be a tip, tool or hack. Remember, it is better to underpromise and overdeliver than the other way around.

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#5 Be Consistent

This area is perhaps the hardest one to master as we have so much to do in our business on any given day. Yet without consistency attracting the right people to your business and growing your audience will be extremely difficult.

People need time to know of your existence, get to know you and then develop a preference for who you are and the work you do.

If you don’t create valuable and relevant content consistently you will be invisible in the online space. If you are ‘hit and miss’ with your content (that is being consistent for a short time and then falling off the wagon for a longer period of time) you will not develop the stability and trust with your audience.

It’s like that crazy Uncle or Aunty who promises to come and take you somewhere fun for your birthday but you never know whether they’ll turn up or not. They’re just not reliable and everyone knows it.

Don’t be that Aunty.

Make a plan for your content around your blog themes, launches and products so you are focused on your business goals.

Set aside time in your business to create content in a batch or block. In my business I set aside a whole week (around client and program work) to create my blogs, social media and posts. I create around 8 weeks of content and schedule it in.

This way I am free to do all the other things in my business and only have to check in, answer comments and connect with people. This was a game changer for me and my business and I highly recommend batching in a way that suits you.

It will save your time and sanity.

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It’s easy to believe that you will never attract the right audience to you and your business or that it will take you turning into a content robot in order to do it.

I used to think that too until I started focusing on the 5 Key areas of Awareness, Relevance, Specificity, Value and Consistency.

Following these keys ensures that you will naturally and simply create content that your ideal audience will love to consume and thank you for it.

So download your 5 Content Keys Checklist and prepare yourself to grow your audience of devoted fans.



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