You are full of brilliant ideas, dreams and inspiration but sometimes you find it difficult to bring them into reality.

You start off so well… you are excited and on fire but then… You start to over think and over analyse causing you to slow down or stop altogether.

That voice in your head starts to make you doubt yourself and become confused.

You see others around you doing great things and wonder if you should ever bother or you despair that this will never be you.

Yet you know you are meant for more than you are currently experiencing and are looking for a way through the fog and into the sunlight.

The Aligned Action Circle is different from anything you have experienced before because it is based on ‘Soulegy’.

This is a term I coined myself. ‘Soulegy’ is a blend of Soul and Strategy, starting with your soul and energy and adding in the strategy to support that.

Hola lovely, I’m Tina Bindon and I created the Aligned Action Circle so there would be a true, like minded community of creative and spiritual women supporting one another to achieve their dreams and goals.

When I started out in my business the learning curve was so steep and I found it incredibly hard to find the answers and help I needed. I knew I had the vision and passion to see what I wanted and the gifts, skills and life experience to really make a difference but I just couldn’t find the missing pieces that I needed!

What I really wanted and needed was a space where I could really clarify what it was I wanted and then get help to break that down into realistic and doable steps. I was also longing to create my dreams, my goals and my business in a way that supported me and didn’t feel foreign, icky, confusing or exhausting. 

A way that wasn’t full of hype, constant hustle or ‘the latest must do’ but one that took what I valued, who I was and how I work best as the foundation and then helped me to put strategy and plans to that. A place where I didn’t have to do everything alone but where I could be seen, heard and supported. I couldn’t find this … so I created it and thus the Aligned Action Circle was born.

The Aligned Action Circle offers not just the proven effectiveness of a Mastermind (with it’s community, support, feedback and accountability) but also the transforming power of personal and spiritual development through discovering and utilizing your Energy Type blend so you can unlock your full potential and move past limiting mindsets and patterns.  

What Can The Aligned Action Circle Do For YOU?


In the Aligned Action Circle you will get clear and simple answers to all your questions quickly and consistently. No more 24/7 researching like a mad woman or posting into Facebook groups only to hear crickets or a variety of clashing opinions.

You will get a small group (4 other women) of like minded creative, spiritual women who you can actually get to know and support as they do the same for you! This is community not just accountability.

You will discover how to move past your current mindset limits and patterns by unlocking your Energy Type blend based on the Four Elemental Energies of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Your unique blend is the KEY to stepping past your current blocks and into a way of being that expands your potential.

You will get your own personal brainstrust focused on your business every week in the Circle Call so you are never at a loss or left in the dark. Plus you have 24/7 support in the private Facebook group and are answered within hours not days and usually within the hour! 


An In Depth Look At What The Aligned Action Circle Provides:


Support Time: 12 weeks of growth and development both personally and professionally. This is just the right amount of time to see substantial change without being overwhelming or exhausting.

Mentorship: Get feedback, help and guidance from someone who has done what you want to do and who knows how to help you in the quickest, simplest and most effective way. Why spend countless hours wasting your time, sanity and energy when you don’t have to?

Masterclasses: 6 indepth Masterclasses covering topics such as What Your Energy Type Is and What This Means In A Practical Sense, Energy Types and The Chakras and Energy Types and Your Work Flow and more. One class is uploaded to the Private Group every fortnight.

Planning: At the beginning of our time together you will receive your own Aligned Action Planner and accompanying video guide which will help you get clear on your annual goals, your 90 day goals, your monthly goals, your weekly goals and your daily goals. Everything is laid out clearly and simply so you can do one daily goal each day and know you will reach your destination with ease.

Accountability: Each week you will check in with your planner and then share your weekly goal and daily steps with us in the Facebook Group. You have 24/7 help in the group for feedback, asking questions and having a cheer squad to hold you up to your highest potential and vision for yourself. Then when we meet for our weekly call you have our full attention and knowledge to put towards those goals.

Community: You are with like minded women on the same journey with you for 12 weeks and so you are able to form relationships and not just contacts. We genuinely want to see you succeed and have more time, space, freedom and flow in your life.

The Finer Details About How It All Works


Investment: $997 AUD for 12 weeks or 3 monthly payments of $347 AUD.

I have priced this at an affordable rate as it is specifically created for women in the start up phase of their business, being 0 – 2 years who need to focus and momentum to start and grow their business so they can make consistent income and do the work they love.

Commitment: The Aligned Action Circle is a commitment not a program or a course. It requires you to draw a line in the sand for yourself and DECIDE to make changes in your life and business.

It is about stepping up and backing yourself and being present and supportive of the other women in your circle. As such spaces are only available via application – not for exclusivity but for genuine commitment to your personal and business growth and your ability to be genuinely interested in being an important part of a community and supporting other women. 

Start And Finish Time: The next round of circles begins in the week of May 14th and runs until Friday August 3rd 2018. You will receive your individual Aligned Action Planner on the Sunday before the first  week and then have your first Circle Call on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of that same week.

Live Circle Calls: Each week we meet virtually via Zoom so we can see one another, connect, talk and share for 60-75 minutes. The day and time will be determined by the members of the circle in accordance to what is the most beneficial to the majority of the group.

The Circles: The Circles are the magic ingredient in this transforming experience and as such a put together with care and attention through an application process.

Once your application form is complete and received you are joined with 4 other like minded women who you can journey with for the entire 12 weeks so trust, rapport and community can truly be felt.

Applying To The Aligned Action Circle: Simply fill in the application form by clicking the link HERE. Once your application is received you will get a reply email within 48 hours letting you know you have been accepted and further details including your payment option and joining the Facebook group.

Currently the Aligned Action Circle Soulful Mastermind is closed as Circles are running as you are reading this. If you would like to get on the waiting list and be notified when the Aligned Action Circle is open once again for enrollment simply enter your details below.


Want to ask some questions and talk to me before filling in the application? 

Apply For Your Spot In The Aligned Action Circle By Clicking HERE.

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